Virtuosity for the Flute

A flute seminar by Benard Goldberg assisted by Dr. Laurie Glencross, Wendell Debbs, Lisa F. Levinson Pianist to be announced

Selected Etudes: The following Etudes will be discussed at the seminar. Students should select 2-3 for study during the seminar:

Moyse, M.
24 Little Melodious Studies with Variations (Alphonse LeDuc)
De la Sonorite (Alphonse LeDuc)
Tone Development through Interpretation (McGinnis and Marx)
Technical Mastery for the Virtuoso Flutist (Zimmermann)
Taffanel-Gaubert: 17 Daily Exercises (Alphonse LeDuc)
Altes, J.H., Complete Method, Book 3 (Alphonse LeDuc) or
26 Selected Studies (Schirmer)
Andersen, J. Op. 15 (Schirmer)

Suggested Repertory:

Attendees should prepare 2-4 pieces from each of the following groups. Additional works from this list may also be assigned during the seminar:

Flute and keyboard or orchestra:
Bach, J.S., Handel, G.F., Gluck, C.W., Mozart, W.A., Hummel,J.N.,
Kuhlau,F., Reinicke, C., Gaubert, P., Moyse, L., Griffes, C.T.,Ibert,J.
Poulenc,F.,Prokofiev, S., Copland, A, Liebermann, L., Schulhoff, E.
Hindemith,P., Martinu, B., Foss, L.; French music for the flute (L.

Unaccompanied works:
Bach, J.S, Bach, C.P.E., Telemann,GP., Debussy,C., Hindemith, P.,
Hoover, K., Ibert,J.,Persichetti, V., Bozza

Orchestral Studies:
Any of the collections of orchestral excerpts prepared by Baxtresser, J., or Wummer, J., or Kujala, W. with an emphasis on Debussy, Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Prokefiev, Shostakovich and Bartok

Additional information is provided by the following items, which are recommended background reading for the seminar.

1. Blakeman, Edward, "Taffane: Genius of the Flute", Oxford U. Press, 2005
2. Toff, Nancy, "Monarch of the Flute: The Life of Georges Barrere", Oxford U. Press, 2005.
3. McCutchan, Ann, Marcel Moyse: Voice of the Flute", Amadeus Press, 2004.
4. Wye, T., Marcel Moyse, An Extraordinary Man: A Musical Biography, Biography, Winzer Press, 1993.
5. Taffanel-Gaubert: "Methode Complete de la Flute", Alfonse LeDuc. 6. Moyse, M., "Problems of the Flute", Muramatsu
7. For biographical information about Philippe Gaubert, see: Powell, A., "The Flute", Yale U. Press, 2003